Where Are the Office Hour Replays?

Office Hours Replays

If you're enrolled in one of the Smart Passive Income courses in Teachable (Power-Up Podcasting, 123 Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing Magic, etc.)—we offer live weekly office hours with Pat where you can ask questions and learn from fellow course students working on their businesses, email, podcasts, etc.

In case you can't make it live, we always record the office hours sessions and post the recordings (audio and video versions) in the Office Hours section of your course's curriculum for easy access!

How to Find the Office Hours Replays in Teachable

  1. Log into your Teachable account and click on your course.
  2. Find the Office Hours lesson within your course's curriculum and click on Office Hours. For some courses, the Office Hours might be earlier on in the curriculum, and some might be toward the end. As an example, in Power-Up Podcasting 2.0, it's near the beginning.
  3. We'll always post the four most recent Office Hours recordings. Click on audio for the audio version, or video for the video version.

That's it! If you have any questions whatsoever, or if you're having trouble accessing the Office Hours, please email help@teamspi.com. 

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